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Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 16 August 2019

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 16 August 2019. SUMMARY Home Business Bootcamp and ...

Friday, May 31, 2019

Fwd: [Live Training] but seriously did you say this?

I honestly can't believe my eyes right now.
Thousands of people joined us during our training event, but one person
said something so amazing...

"Anthony I have NEVER seen anything like this. I am 100% sure that I am
going to build a huge list and make a ton of money now"
He joined us on this live training (which you can join right now)

Here's what you'll learn:
- The 3 reasons people are FAILING at email marketing
- The one single solution you need to build your email marketing business
- The BEST way to build your list (fast)
- How to take advantage of the massive amount of mobile traffic online
...and the best part?

I'll show you how to earn $1 per subscriber on your list per month.
So quick math:
1000 subscribers - $1,000/month income goal
5000 subscribers - $5,000/month income goal
You get the point right?

We seriously can't continue to do this training every single day, but so many
people have left me comments like the one above that I just want to make
sure you have the chance to do this too!

See you there!


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Fwd: Are You On the FENCE? Read this. (seriously)

His results will blow you away...

Not long ago, Jamal enrolled in the Masterclass.
Still working a $17/hour day job. Struggling to build something of his own.

Jamal ASK Method Story

His wife had JUST given birth to their daughter…
And he HAD to make it work.

Fast forward to ONE year…
And his results will blow you away.

Click HERE to WATCH Jamal's story now…

Check it out.
I think you'll be glad you did.


About Ryan :-)

Ryan Levesque, Inc. 500 CEO, #1 Best-Selling Author of Ask and Choose and creator of the ASK Method® 

ASK big, Believe big, Receive BIG! Live Large!
Live simply, Laugh often, Love deeply! Leave a Legacy!

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Any products, programs, or personal recommendations made in this or any email communication from The ASK Method Company for 3rd parties will likely result in some form of compensation from said 3rd party.

Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business.

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Fwd: Do you want to start a side hustle this weekend?


Today has been a little crazy. As you may or may not know, these days I've got a lot of virtual projects going on between multiple businesses, 

a virtual team of people that work with me all over the world (seriously all over, it's pretty cool), 

and a whole bunch of reader messages that I need to respond to.

But don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining.

In fact, I'm about as happy as I've ever been before with all of these plates spinning.

Would it be easier if I was a type A, super-organized person instead of the ultra type B human that I am?

Probably. But you've gotta work with what you've got. :)


... the cool thing about all of this is that my multiple businesses all started from...

... one side hustle .or. another.

Running M$$M, Laptop Empires, LaptopLifestyles etc. and my digital marketing agency all at once wasn't the plan back when I was a band director.

In fact, I didn't even really have a plan. I was just trying to figure out a cool way to make extra money on the side, and starting a website on the side seemed like a good way to do it.

I wasn't tech savvy, didn't really have a ton of time in the day to do extra stuff (on average I worked ~70 hours per week as a band director & then night gigs with my band), 

and I definitely didn't have ambitions of being a serial entrepreneur .or. cereal anything...

And that's the beautiful thing about side hustles and one of the many reasons I love recommending them so much to M$$M readers.

If you find something you really like, it might turn into something you could take full-time someday (if you wanted to).... outsource it...

Or... you can just keep it as your side gig and bring in some sweet extra cash every month.

So now that I've got you all excited about side hustles, I should probably give you some recommendations, right?

Don't worry fam - I've got you.

Specifically, today I'd to focus on the side hustles you can start pretty quickly.

Go here to see my side hustle recommendations that you can start this weekend.

- Jon-jon & JoAn

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Subject: Do you want to start a side hustle this weekend?
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Fwd: Have You Heard?!



Here's How:

  1. Login to your CTFO Back Office 
  1. Click on "REPORTS"
  4. Login to your GPG
  5. Once you are logged in, on the top right corner, click "APPROVED PURCHASING"
  6. If you would like to enable approved purchasing, Check the box next to "BY CHOOSING THIS FEATURE, I HEREBY AUTHORIZE…"
  7. Click "UPDATE".
  8. Approved Purchasing should now be turned on.
  9. Now go back to your CTFO account and go to the shopping cart, choose your items and checkout.
  10. During the checkout process, you will still need to enter your credit card information. However, if you have "Approved Purchasing" turned on, when you submit your order, it will first pull from your available funds in GPG. If you do not have enough funds in your GPG account to cover the entire purchase, the rest of the order will be charged to your credit card. If this happens and your credit card fails during this process, the order will still be declined, and no funds will be taken out of your GPG account.

Please note:

If you decide you no longer want your CTFO purchases to use funds out of your GPG account, you must repeat steps 1-11 to turn Approved Purchasing off in your GPG account.


Dial: (319) 527-2872

Access Code: 374583#

Call Reference Number: 117#

Or, you can simply click HERE.


Here's how you can find the right product for YOUR Skin!


  1. Before BED cleanse and clean your face as normal  BUT, STOP THERE
  2. Without adding ANYTHING AT ALL to your skin, go to bed… 
  3. In the morning analyze your T Zone and C Zones. 
  4. Your T Zone is the skin on your forehead, nose, around the nose and the chin. 
  5. Your C Zone is the skin on your cheeks and the outer portion of your skin surrounding your T zones. 

Once you have done that, first start by feeling your skin:


Is it:







Oily Skin: Oily T Zone and C Zone which appears shiny in nature. The skin should feel comfortable not tight

Dry Skin: Dry T Zone and C Zone which may appear flaky in nature. The skin may also feel tight and can be red in appearance

Combination Skin: Both oily and dry skin, the most common is an oily T Zone with a Dry C Zone

Normal Skin: Neither oily nor dry T and C Zones. Skin does not appear flaky or shiny and not red in complexion

-Listen to last night's call to hear what products would be best for YOU!


To register for this event and for more information,

simply click HERE

tickets will sell out, so be sure to get yours today!

(.and./.or. Join us it's FREE!(100% FREE) 
(assuming, you have NOT already!)
Join us it's FREE!(100% FREE)   
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Fwd: Multiply your results with this ONE thing


I wanted to write this email to share something I've learnt with you.

Some time ago I got burnt out from working online. *cue shocked gasping from the crowd* It's somewhat all consuming if you're like me!


Blogging gets tiring after a while. It happens to the best of us.

Then, I had the opportunity to go on the holiday of my life - and I went for it.

I went for a 5-month holiday to the USA and toured the country. Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, New York, DC, Buffalo, Charlottesville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco were just some of the places I went to.

After that, I felt so refreshed and gained so much clarity on how to move my blog biz forward.

But what happens when you're gone from your biz?

The best way to always seem to be ONLINE? AUTOMATION.

Today I'm talking how important automation is. Yes, it isn't as scary as it seems :)

Most of the stuff I post on social media are planned WAY in advance. My posts are written WAY in advance.

I use tools like the in-built Facebook Page scheduler. The pins I pin on Pinterest are also automated with Tailwind (free month here)
loop my blog posts to be tweeted out with the Revive Old Posts Plugin. Even my subscribers get some emails that are scheduled with Convertkit (free month of Convertkit here).

Obviously you can't automate everything because you always need a personal touch in your blog and business. The work still has to be done.

But it can be done efficiently.

There are certain aspects of your business that you should keep personal and real-time, definitely. But the rest? The menial work? Automate it away!

If there's one thing you have to learn today, know that you don't always have to be online if you master the power of automation.

Here are some of the ways you can automate your business:

  • Creating advertising campaigns that run on autopilot and gets you fresh leads everyday
  • Scheduling some of your social media posts and be active on social media while you're asleep
  • Writing your posts in advance and scheduling them
  • Sending regular emails that are SUPER helpful to your list
  • Building a sales funnel and sending automated emails to targeted subscribers and convert them into buyers

In fact, I now have more time to interact with my readers and customers in real-time and be personal with them.

Recommended Resources

It is very important to me to connect my subscribers to the right resources I have created. Please feel free to check out some of my best resources below and get your learning on this week.

1. Just starting out and have not started your blog?

2. Need more traffic and subscribers?

3. Are you ready to go beyond random articles on the net and straight to building your successful blog + biz strategically?
Check out my signature courses where you will get my best strategies and in-depth guidance:

I hope this email will challenge you to look for fresh ways to detach yourself from your business - so that you can spend your time serving your readers and customers much better!

You'll find yourself with sososo much more time to talk to actual people. :)

Peaceful vibes and a successful blog + biz,


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 jon, its Raelyn here from raelyntan.com  

Raelyn :) says...

New to the community? I'm Raelyn from raelyntan.com. I've been blogging for 10 years, have an academic background in marketing, did content marketing and social media in the corporate world, and now have a following of about 50k+ bloggers & online entrepreneurs. I live and breathe online entrepreneurship & digital marketing and am privileged to make a full-time income with my online blog + business. Great to meet you! :)

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Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 31 May 2019.

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 31 May 2019.

George Kosch, World Profit's bootcamp instructor got right down to business in this training session, eager to help NEW members get off to the best possible start, and for our long time Members, to continue on the path to success as your business grows for the long term.

How Worldprofit's System works. Link: https://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=916

Getting started on the online bootcamp training lessons - progress to Lesson 3 to enjoy the AWESOME included bonuses! Video File Link: Download Here

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session today. Thank you for reading this, if you did not attend. It's important that you do and in so doing actively participate.

Worldprofit's next LIVE Interactive Expert HomeBiz Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training Session, is Friday, 7 June 2019.

Unsure about the time consult WorldTime Worldtime.org/ .and./.or. Time Zone Converter TheTimeZoneConverter.com/ for correct time.

Link to access is here, when the time comes! CLICK HERE =>> LIVE Bootcamp Training Link Active Every Friday at 7:45 AM Central Time. <<= CLICK HERE! No, password necessary.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fwd: (Important) - Your Profit Gravy Training Is Ready... (Hurry)


I am not sure if you got my message from the other day or not, but I never want to
leave anyone out so I figured I would shoot you another email today about my new
training that I am doing EXCLUSIVELY for my students... you're invited.
Watch this quick video (and save your spot now) because this training isn't available
forever.... in fact, I don't honestly know how long I will be able to provide this to you.

Here's what you'll learn
- The 3 reasons people are FAILING at email marketing
- The one single solution you need to build your email marketing business
- The BEST way to build your list (fast)
- How to take advantage of the massive amount of mobile traffic online
Plus so much more!

I will be giving away some cash prizes (because I love to reward people who love
learning) plus I will be dropping some amazing knowledge for you!

See you there!


Team Lead eMail Marketeer
PS: We all know EVERYTHING is going Mobile right now online. Most users
are using their phone to do everything. I've discovered a simple way to leverage
that into insane results... I'll show you how I am doing it!

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Fwd: Why Good Content Isn’t Enough


It used to be that as long as you wrote long-form, valuable content on a regular basis, you could do well at content marketing.

Unfortunately good content isn't enough anymore.

The SERPs are getting more competitive, and the marketplace is turning into a winner-take-all battle to the death.

Here's what the latest content marketing studies can teach us about 'good' content and why it's no longer going to get you the results you want... Read the rest of the article here.

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Subject: Why Good Content Isn't Enough
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Fwd: Ten (10) Easy Peasy Freezer Meal Recipes

On nights when you are busy, having a freezer meal ready to go is one of the best ways to feed you and your family. So, to help you get ready for your week, I have 10 easy freezer meal recipes for you to try, from breakfast burritos to meatless shepherd's pie.
Freezer meals are simply meals you prep and cook in advance, stick in the freezer, and pull out to reheat when you need them. They are simple, healthy, and help you save money.
If you've never made freezer meals before, here are a few tips:
  • Batch cook several meals at once.
  • Label your meals with reheating directions.
  • Use freezer quality bags so your food doesn't get freezer burn.
  • Make a list of what freezer meals you have and put it on your fridge or somewhere else that's easy to see.
Trust me, these meals are nothing like the frozen dinners you would buy from the store – home cooked always tastes better (the from scratch Hot Pockets on this list look delicious!).
And, one of the best things about these easy freezer meal recipes is that you can save a lot of money on your monthly food budget. You will be less likely to get fast food or take out when you know that you have a delicious meal at home that you just need to pop in the oven or microwave.
For more recipe roundups, check out:
Note: If you're looking for easy weekly meal plans, full of budget recipes, I recommend $5 Meal Plan. $5 Meal Plan is a meal planning service (this is my affiliate link) that sends you a delicious meal plan and shopping list every week for just $5 a month.
Please head to 10 Easy Freezer Meal Recipes to read the full blog post. If you'd like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest.
P.S. 6 weeks to no-stress, no-guilty money management - Ten years ago, Ramit Sethi published his best-selling book "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" and has helped thousands of people get out of debt, save for retirement, earn more money, and spend their money guilt-free. Good news: He's back with an all-new version of the book that's been updated with more than 80 pages of new tools and new insights on money, relationships, and psychology. This book could be the best $10 investment you could make for yourself. Check it out here. This is not an affiliate link, I just wanted to share this great resource!

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Michelle at Making Sense of Cents
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